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Christmas Shoot


Mike brought a 16 mm Bolex camera home from school over Christmas break, and we shot a short entitled Turkey Breasts. Like many other shorts, we’ve shot over Christmas break1, it was shot on The Dirt Road2. Unlike other ones we’ve shot, this is the first Christmas break film actually shot on film. I think Mike sent the film off for development and it should be back soon…

Pictures from the shoot are here. (Not all pictures are uploaded yet…)

  1. The Search for the Chupacabra, Spontaneous Combustion, Ant Farm, and Risks were all shot over the holidays. The first two used The Dirt Road extensively as a location. 

  2. The Bridge was also shot on the dirt road (on 8mm). 

Holiday Movie

Thom was pretty upset we did not partake in the annual holiday movie this year. In lieu of the normal video bacchanal, I made this. Much like Werner Herzog had divine inspiration to make cinema while walking in the Bavarian Mountains at age 14, I think I heard God(s) prior to filming Holiday Movie. In Herzog’s film, Even Dwarfs Started Small (1970), Herzog claimed to use a very special technique to get the actors to achieve their performances. The special technique would be immortalized in a Youtube viral video 27 years later, fulfilling the Herzogian prophecy that of all his films, Dwarfs would rank among the most celebrated. Thus, I likewise have employed a special technique with the actor in Holiday Movie. Unlike Herzog however, I am not at liberty to discuss my methods which are top secret.

Happy Holidays with much love, prayers of world peace, general happiness.


Holiday Movie