6 thoughts on “Answering Machine

  1. Sweet film guys.

    Megan, your debut performance was flawless.

    I think this is the first piece of Mr. Tomlinson’s work I’m personally acquainted with outside Uncle Nagy’s.

    Will’m turned out great as well.

  2. Nice work, had no idea that was in the pipeline. Very funny stuff.

    Mike – I want one of those Robot’s for Christmas, hook me up!

    Peter – your Robot design looks great in real life. Love it.

    Megan – I think you missed your calling.

  3. call me crazy but i think fred “came through” in the robot costume. i watched this with another person, and we both laughed out loud throughout. very good work.

  4. Let’s work on a special edition today or tomorrow. I don’t want this bumped from the main page.

    Also, I was amazed at the turn around time on this. Effort went in, effort came out, and I’m very pleased with the result.

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