6 thoughts on “Disabled vs. Wild

  1. I wouldn’t feel too bad about not being able to start a fire with the flint-n-steel thing (probably mischmetal). I think the only time I’ve seen someone start a fire with something like that even in Boyscouts would be at some sort of competition, and even then they’d probably use something quick burning like dryer lint to help get it started.

    Those lizards looked cool though. The only time I’ve ever seen a wild lizard was the one time I visited Florida. Just don’t see ’em up here.

  2. Great job guys. Just watched it.

    Fire is always a pain in the butt. Remember you kindling and that little brush shit (tinder box?) for the flint and steel business.

  3. With chest hair like that, and a face like George Michael, how could he not survive.

    Next, do “Disabled Girls Gone Wild”

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