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Protocon 3.0 Rations & Movie


There has been some concern about the rations that will be passed out at the start of Protocon 3.0. Because we did not receive enough in donations and dues this year, we were unable to use the catering services we have in years past. It would have been wonderful to have prime rib, steamed shrimp and Cool Ranch Doritos at this year’s annual Con, but the cost of such an extravagant meal could not be justified in these bad economic times.

As a result, the difficult decision was made to pass out rations and conserve all available money for other, more necessary purchases. While the exact identity of the rations will not be revealed until the start of Protocon, you may indulge your imagination by thinking of common soldiers during the Civil War. What does this mean for you? If you have special dietary restrictions, are a vegan, do macrobiotics, or want to eat prime rib, then you will need to provide sustenance for yourself.

For those attendees who opt for the rations, they will be eligible for the Hard Ration Award. Any attendee who survives the weekend on rations alone will receive this awesome, once-in-a-lifetime honor. Although it is impossible to speculate the worth of such an award, we would suggest that it would be equal in value to a certificate produced by the Liberian Mint.

Good luck!

Saturday Night Movie

The Swarm, a 2.5-hour blockbuster starring killer bees and Michael Caine, was selected as this year’s Protocon cinematic feast. However, if you have a better suggestion for the Protocon Movie, please let us know. Movie are selected on the following criteria:

  • The movie must fall into the genre of “cult,” “B” or “bad.”
  • The movie must not have been seen by two or more of the attendees.
  • The movie cannot be well known.
  • The movie cannot have been done by MST3K.

All suggestions are subject to personal approval by Tim. Please post your suggestions below.