10 thoughts on “Taterade

  1. Well… just to point out the obvious, we knew it was a yam, but called it a sweet potato on purpose. That’s why the word yam shows up on the yam during the video.

  2. Upon research it looks like the peoples on the Trobriand Islands in Papua New Guinea.

    That or where ever Finishnr, the tribal Yam Priest of the Forgotten Realms campaign, was supposed to be from.

  3. Sis’,

    You should only serve that stuff if you want the guests not to come to the party you throw after that.

    Now the sweet tateraid on the other hand: Delish! (but a little tough to get out of the glass)

  4. Just FYI:

    I’ve been doing a little research into potassium rich foods and discovered that apparently the average baked potato is right up there. Sources disagree as to how much potassium the average potato has, but generally they seem to suggest it’s pretty high. Higher than the standard “banana benchmark” in fact (though bananas do still have a higher potassium to sodium ratio).

    Just another reason to drink Taterade! 😀

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