Gets Paid

It is a bloggy thing to do… but I am going out of my TREE.

So here goes:

1) You know it is over when you let your guitarist sing and people are sticking feet in his face.* I can’t stop laughing about this.

2) You know you’ve hit an all new level of genius when you can release a song about writing tunes on the bowl, have them make a music video out of it and get paid .

3) And this has hands down got to be the absolute lamest-half-hearted-I-have-no-idea-what-to-shoot-for-the-video I’ve ever scene. I can only imagine the conversation leading up to it. “Hey guys, we’ve just written a really great song, but let’s not even try on the video. Let’s just shoot a home movie of us making a fried breakfast.”

They should have let Edge stick his feet in the eggs.

If anyone has got some other ones – hit me up in the comment section. Cause I’m here till 5 so I gets paaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiddddd like Biz Markie.

  • Observation #1 is courtesey of Tim.

2 thoughts on “Gets Paid

  1. 1) I remember this video during our college years. IIRC my room mate, Gieve Patel, thought Edge was the shiznit (though possibly for other reasons).

    3) Meh. There’s worse out there. I remember there was some song a few years back by some demi-punky/quazi-ska band along the lines of Everclear or Greenday. Almost the entire video was them driving from house to house picking up band mambers. That was pretty stupid.

  2. Once upon a time, back in freshman high school English class, we were assigned a project for which we were required to choose a song that we liked, and delve into the lyrics, describing any symbolism or anything else we could pull out of our butts. For some reason, at the time I was simply mad about Numb. I couldn’t get enough of it! Naturally, I decided to use that song for my project. I remember writing pages and pages about the brilliance of the lyrics, and, as extra credit, incorporated the relationship between the song and its corresponding video, which I had taped (at the house of a friend who had cable) to show the class. That project was arguably one of my best works in high school. My teacher even told me so…almost.

    “It’s a good song, Megan, and you’ve done some really hard work on this project. But why are there feet in that man’s face?”

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