I’m interested in setting up a darkroom in my apt. Photo film equipment is dirt cheap nowadays, so I typed in “enlarger” on Ebay to see what I could find. I guess I didn’t think about my search phrase enough — I got a lot of results for penis and breast enlargers. On Ebay. I’ll ignore the obvious question of who would buy a penis enlarger, but I will raise another one. Who would be a (potentially used) penis enlarger on Ebay?

5 thoughts on “Enlarging

  1. Well, to be honest… never a penis enlarger. There are do-it-yourself kits you know.

    As a not so related side note, I once landed a prosthetic breast that a woman used after a mastectomy. It was a D cup I think and I got it at a thrift store before it made it to the garbage bin. It was great – had its own box, serial number, and protective cover for storage. It felt so real.

    Back in the days of inappropriateness I use to keep it on my desk and use it like one of those stress balls people squeeze. This was a previous job were sexual harassment was on the job description and expected since the work place consisted of Thom and 97% women. I think it somehow made its way to the garbage as I received promotions and leadership roles. Those were the days!

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