Fiat: Diceless Roleplaying

After weeks of sporadic tinkering the role-playing system I was hoping to run for Protozoicon is finally at a usable stage. Still not polished to the sleek and glossy shine I’d prefer but workable at least and including all the necessary components. Also, at six pages, it’s mercifully brief.

You can find it here in PDF format.

For those really interested there’s more commentary available here on the design philosophy behind it and such.

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4 thoughts on “Fiat: Diceless Roleplaying

  1. My question is, when we play do we actually get physical tokens? If so, when Thom requests “chocolate coins” (like you get at X-mas), don’t do it. He just wants to eat them. I suggest slugs, arcade tokens or wooden nickels.

    Neat looking rules.

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