Flying Numbers

Flying Numbers (2005) is a series of 49 poems written over a two-month period or so in 2004. Originally I published them on the web, but in 2005, I edited them into a PDF book-like format. Personally, I like their web presentation a little better than their PDF presentation. Some of the pictures for example were changed in making them into a book, along with the background colors. Additionally, some friends contributed their versions of flying number poems, which I had on the web also. The PDF-book version lacks these poems, and the colors, etc, but in the end it is probably a little easier to navigate.

Thematically, each poem centers on the flying numbers 1, 2 and 3. Rather convolutedly, the poems were also connected to a project (which is currently shelved) called PJ the Robot (and who in many regards still lives on). Even more convolutedly, PJ was an acronym, standing for “propaganda jox”, both a call to arms against the current state of world affairs and an allusion to a bygone time when the only enemies on the face of the Earth were Russia and the USA. The final thing that should be noted is that both”propaganda jox” and PJ owe a lot to Stuart Gordon’s film, Robot Jox (1990).

Crash and Burn and Flying Numbers.

Flying Numbers

Click here to download a PDF version of Flying Numbers.

4 thoughts on “Flying Numbers

  1. Yah, as I indicated I actually liked the format they were in better on the Puritan (made in Netscape Composer). Oh well, I had the PDF and it was easy to put up. I might however put up the other BMP and clipart poems that preceded the FlyingnumbeR poems individually; that is if I can devise some sort of way that would work with the current format of the Protozoic site. I’d like to put them up sort of like Tim was/is doing for the old songs.

    Nice poem Pete. Is *Inacto* any good?

  2. It is any good.

    I wouldn’t say it’s all that and a bag of chips, but I don’t regret having seen it.

    The concept was kind of interesting.

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