Protozoicon ’06 – RPG Interest Survey

This year the RPG run at Protozoicon will be decided by concensus. So if you’re planning on attending and interested in playing please give a little feedback if you’ve got time.

The survey only contains 10 questions so hopefully it won’t take too long.

You can click here to take it.

9 thoughts on “Protozoicon ’06 – RPG Interest Survey

  1. P.S. – If you don’t fill one out the session’s going to end up being “Princess Sparkle Ponies: The Rainbow Island Adventure.”

  2. You guy’sve submitted enough surveys to work your way up to “Cyber-Pony Glam Rockers”.

    But someone’ll have to fill out at least one more before I crank the theme to “Blood Missile: Centaurs of the Apocalypse”.

  3. I actually filled it out as soon as he posted the survey…around 9:30am yesterday. I also rolled four 20s in a roll in my RPG simulation exercises — to get warmed up for November 19th.

  4. I said it once – I’ll say it again, that game looks great. You coming to Protocon Grue? I think you should dude. I’m ultimately a neophyte when it comes to busting Thom’s chops. You on the other hand make it look like an art.

  5. Ok. I’ve gotten three responses on the Survey (someone else answered the first question and then left the rest blank so I haven’t counted that one).

    I’ll be closing the poll at 11:00pm tonight and tabulating the results, so if there are any other takers best respond now.

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