Today Was Painted Thin

I recorded Today Was Painted Thin on the 4-track in Essex sometime around April of 2003. As with most efforts that I myself “recorded and mastered” without Tim, the quality is pretty poor. I always liked the song though and wanted to record it again with people who could actually play instruments, rather than bang them (which is typically my approach to playing instruments). However, like the Lesternomicon, this might be as good as it ever gets.

The Towers

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Lyrics: Today Was Painted Thin

Today was painted thin
the sun not colored in
the flowers had all hid
beneath the towers' gloom
the birds they each were broke
in an April Fool's joke
the world it had gone mad
and me and Thom felt bad
I didn't know what to do
except and sit and watch the news
and then at 3 I was alone
3,000 miles away from home

The Sort of Chorus

For love is heartless little talk
told by life that traps you in the past
a past which isn't even the past
oh god I'm getting drunk this is so worthless
oh baby


Oh baby
Oh baby
Oh baby
Oh baby
Oh baby
Oh baby
Oh baby

Last Verse

Today has passed you by
Erase all the sky
pen the daffodils 
and vases on window sills
the birds are having sex
lesbian passionless
in a world of headline death
where baby
you just make no sense.

10 thoughts on “Today Was Painted Thin

  1. The title and some of the lyrics brought to mind a thinny. And “beneath the towers’ gloom” added to it. Seems like it must’ve been a pretty dark tower.

    Strange coincidence, but “All things serve the Beam” as they say.

  2. I see it. It’s in between the two trees, looking out over the pond. It may be just a freakish coincidence of ripples in the water, but I distinctly see a transparent human shape.

  3. Heck! I wish I hadn’t said anything…now all of the intrigue is gone. Still…it is the “skeletal” form of a “weeping” tree. I guess that counts for something.

  4. It is a ghost. It is far to wispy to be anything real. Or if it is real, a ghost put it there.

    I’d like to do the ghost investigation over break. I forgot to write you back about that in depth. We need to find a good place to do it though. Preferably a place that is a building of sorts, where we can camp out in it over night. Any ideas about haunted buildings in Chestertown or Salisbury? I guess the best thing to do would be to contact the Wicomico Library and ask them.

  5. Librarians may not be able to help. Remember asking those librarians about Phyllis? They just rolled their eyes at us. But I would like to help out with the ghost hunting, if possible.

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