Protocon 2.0 Official Announcement

Get ready to mark your calendars, because Protocon 2.0 is official!

When: Friday, November 17th until Sunday, November 19th. Festivities will begin at 7pm Friday Night and last until 5pm Sunday.

Where: At Webb Manor in Chestertown, MD

Webb Manor comes equipped with 2 smoke machines and a wiener dog. You do the math.

If you are not a regular contributor to this forum but are interested in attending, please leave a comment on the website and we will get back to you with details.

We will be putting up an official itinerary of events here in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, take a gander at DJ Webb’s Wicker Duck submission (we are still accepting wicker duck design submissions, so be sure to email or post yours).

DJ Webb's Wicker Duck

8 thoughts on “Protocon 2.0 Official Announcement

  1. Is Dragon comming down? I would suggest that he run a bunch of his off the wall ideas. You’re talking about RPGs, right?

    p.s. don’t overlook my fire ants idea

  2. I agree with Dick. Peter… where are you….

    Can you run a modified version of [*Star Frontiers*]( Or [Falor]( or something like that great [Paladin]( game you wrote up?

    And Dick, what was the [fire ants]( idea exactly? Something similar?

  3. Posted here.

    “Instead of putting goats and chickens and stuff in there to sacrifice you guys should put ants in there and make them fire ants.”

  4. I’ll run some sort of RPG. Any genre requests?

    And would it be easier for folks if I brought pre-generated characters or do y’all want the joy of rolling up your own?

  5. look forward to seeing everyone, and meeting the people i havent met… and fire ants? i look forward to that most of all

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