The Lesternomicon

So after Tim threw up Night Caller, we got on the phone and started talking about the “archives”. Soon after, the dig began.

The thing is Night Caller isn’t all that old. Like what, maybe a year and half? I dunno. Somewhere, the debauchery of Night Caller is still fresh in my mind. The “10 years” of absolute nonsense before that is all but a forgotten prehistory. Going back another 5 beyond that, to the unlistenable 4-track years, it is like trying to decipher cave writing. If we are the late night of the web now, 15 years ago our only fan was truly our mother. Wonder why. Luckily though, all wasn’t for nought. We actually managed to make some gems during that time.

Over the next couple weeks, months, maybe years, I’m going to be posting up some of those choice gems. Tim probably will too. This will hopefully placate our readership, encourage them to come back, attract a couple new folks and maybe even writers for the forum – that is until we get around to posting the things that we are actually doing now. You can expect one of these later this week or early next. So be sure to be constantly (and I mean constantly) refreshing your browser.

For now though, I give you the first installment from the vaults:The Lesternomicon. The Lesternomicon was originally an offshoot of Chook. While not directly related to what Chook would become, or even show up on the Chook site, in a lot of ways it gets at what the spirit of Chook was. Chook, even in its early days when Dragon and I were cooking up Chung Hort stories, was originally intended to be a mythos and a universe of characters. While arguably this was never fully realized and at best half-baked, it was always working in the background. For most of us involved with the sprawling and disjointed project, the word mythos pointed dead ahead to Lovecraft. That was the genesis of The Lesternomicon. It would become part Shub, part Chook, part Lester, part Larry, massively unintelligible and also unfinished. Originally, it was to be a book unto itself, a sort of religious text, much like Lovecraft’s Necronomicon. While I don’t foresee it being finished any time soon, perhaps it one day will be. Till then, enjoy what there is of it.

Props to Chris who probably wrote more of it than I did. I’m not sure who did the PDF though. It might have been Tim (nice spider).

Click here to Download The Lesternomicon in PDF format.

5 thoughts on “The Lesternomicon

  1. Man this stuff takes me back.

    I wish I had the Chook stories I wrote awhile back. But apparently after I posted them up to my old website I destroyed the originals (either that or they are stored on a Tandy 8086 computer somewhere) and sadly after a couple years of not updating the site it seems to have slipped into history.

  2. Good god- I thought this was lost to the ages! You know, loki- it’s actually quite a bit funnier than I remember it being. It kind of cuts off sooner than I remembered, but I think that’s because I never got around to sending you the last couple of chapters I wrote. (big surprise, eh?) Anyway, good work. I think the world may finally be ready for the Tomes of Knowledge Infinite and True.


    PS- BEAR: Can I get my access back, bintch?

  3. Nice. I think I did put that together a while ago.

    Chris, I don’t think your access was ever taken away.

    Fro indeed.

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