For Adrienne

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Two ends hooked now

Each to the other,

Only gradually becomming aware that

The strand behind

Had always joined them


Around eternity’s railings.

Multiple views

Apology: If even the (normally forbidding) velvet rope grumbles with such affection for you, how can I be blamed for enjoying your company so much? Every year the connection becomes a little more clear to me.

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4 thoughts on “E-Greeting

  1. It was when I lived back in Reading before we got married. IIRC it was during the one time you came to visit. Probably around 1999/2000.

    Though the official story is that I didn’t make the dragon. I just bought the apple-shaped cage and some itinerant wu-jen at the mall gifted the dragon to me with the stipulation that it should be placed somewhere the little beasty could feed on the positive chi.

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