The Green Machine – Cast

I’m happy to announce that we have cast Ameviathan: The Green Machine. Matt Folker will be playing Jonathan, Jen Friedman will be playing Cecily and Stephen Young will be playing Roy. Not only are the actors perfect for the parts, but judging from the auditions, we’ve been afforded an incredible opportunity to work with some real talent. I can’t wait to film.

I would also like to extend special thanks to John Schratwieser, Executive Director of the the Prince Threatre in Chestertown, Maryland, who allowed us to hold our auditions in the historic Prince Threatre. Originally a vaudeville theatre and movie house, the theatre was a beautiful place in which to hold our auditions. I would also like to thank the staff of the Prince Threatre for toughing out the blizzard, and Matt Folker for recommending we hold our auditions there. Next time I’m in Chestertown, I’m catching a show and scrutinizing that Zebra-man at the door.

And of course, where would the auditions have been without Dick and DJWebb, ‘crew’? Nowhere. Thanks for driving, eating subs and talking about lighting and the ‘Bury.