Scouting and Itinerary for next 2 Weeks

Here is the itinerary for the next two weekends. If you are interested in doing either of these activities, get in contact with me.

  • Saturday 14th: Prop Construction
  • Saturday 21st: Prop Construction

This Saturday Megan and I scouted for locations. On our excursions we came across Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve where we saw this impressive looking gristmill.

Thompson-Neely Gristmill

The mill turned out to be the Thompson-Neely Gristmill, which is actually apart of the Washington Crossing Historic Park right across the street.

In the coming week I’ll contact with the people at Washington Crossing and cross my fingers that they let me film there. Even in the event that they say “no” – I plan to go back. Other interesting structures in the area include Bowman’s Hill Tower.

The photo of the Thompson-Neely Gristmill comes courtesy of Megan Register who also has a very nice photo of sheep from Washington Crossing Historic Park on her website.

6 thoughts on “Scouting and Itinerary for next 2 Weeks

  1. The sheep with the aura is awesome.

    The 14th is a no go but the 21st might work. What are the props you need to make? Can you give me a rough idea?

  2. It is a holy sheep.

    I’ll probably be painting boxes on the 14th – somewhere in the neighborhood of 40-50. On the 21st, if the boxes aren’t done – I’ll continue with them. If they are done, I’ll start making the actual Green Machine on the 21st.

    If you come – your job will be to drink booze, eat steak, film and take pictures.

  3. I can help construct some props in the late afternoon/early evening of the 14th, if it involves paint. Just don’t make me glue anything…glue and I don’t get along very well. Most of the time it doesn’t want to cooperate and ends up jumping from my hands and getting all over the floor, walls, and priceless heirlooms, sticking on everything and everyone around me.

  4. LOKI and mum of LOKI: All are tasks that I can handle, they come fairly natural to me.

    Megan: The people I typically hang around usually end up eating the glue – therefore we are always taking the bottles away from them. I think your stickyness issue is a minor problem when compared to my friends with pica and coprophagia. I say you should glue away!

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