Serial Slayer AKA Claustrophobia

Serial Slayer

I watched Serial Slayer 
AKA Claustrophobia 

The first time, 
I watched it.
The second,
I listened.

To someone

For me -
it's only a 
down turned smile
people I knew.

Serial Slayer (2003) is a film directed by Mark Tapio Kines.

4 thoughts on “Serial Slayer AKA Claustrophobia

  1. Well, basically the poem is a review-ish/ impression of the the movie *Serial Slayer*. I’ve been thinking for a while about doing an ongoing project of writing similarly styled poems about movies I watch.

    As a movie, *Serial Slayer* has its moments, but I don’t know if it is a great movie. Its strength is that it is excellent in terms of characterization. I think its problem though is that it might be a little too ambitious and it doesn’t always work.

    If you are interested, you can get it off Netflix or I could always lend it to you.

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