Unofficial Crew Call

This is an unofficial crew call for readers of Protozoic who would like to be involved in the shooting of Ameviathan: The Green Machine. Over the next couple weeks, and very possibly more if I quit teaching, I’ll be involved in a number of activities ranging from scouting locations (this weekend for example the ever-beautiful Megan will be aiding me scout) to painting boxes. Of course, I can’t pay you money, but I can promise you things like credit where credit is a due, food, shelter, good times and the spinning of Blue Oyster Cult tunes. Who knows – it may even look good on your resume’.

So if you think you would be interested – contact me. Chances are if you are reading this then you know me personally, but if you don’t – all you have to do is drop me an email here at the site and I’ll give you more details of how you can be involved.

4 thoughts on “Unofficial Crew Call

  1. I don’t know you, but I’d be happy to help. What departments do you need help in? Just let me know and I’ll get it done.

  2. Thanks fellas. What I’ll do (probably on Sunday) is post up a loose itinerary of events for the next couple weeks. If you can make it up at any point during those weekends, let me know and we’ll sort out the details.

    And DJWebb, even though I don’t know you – I have a feeling we’ll get along just swell. Nice characters btw.

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