If I was a Ruler

If I ruled all the world,
I'd say that you were a fool,
if you bought a ruler,
for cheap rulers rule.
Go find a ruler in the basement,
I'd decry-and-cree,
or do as I and use the
"Maryland Commercial Driver's License Manual"
that Brian left at my house
completely free of  fees.

6 thoughts on “If I was a Ruler

  1. Personally, I prefer a book of music, such as Keys to Stylistic Mastery by Ingrid Jacobson Clarfield and Dennis Alexander. The book is only about 50 pages long, allowing my pencil tip to draw more accurately, and because the pages of music are often heavier than “normal” books (i.e., The Norton Anthology of Western Literature), they serve as a sturdier straight line.

  2. I prefer anything with a metal edge when possible. These things tend to get nicked less easily. Especially useful if you’re using it for an exacto-knife cut.

  3. Yeah, I thought Loki wanted to be a truck driver so I left my training manual with him.

    Something neat I learned in there is that normal humans have 180 degree peripheral vision. This is in stark contrast to first person shooters.

  4. Dick I am right with you on this one. My only guess about the reasioning behind the reduced peripheral vision in FPS games is that the makers assume that since you normally sit back a ways from the monitor it’s somehow more “realistic” if they reduce the field of vision so that the view on the screen takes up a portion of your total field of vision it would normally take up if it were real life instead of a TV screen.

    This is just a wild “devils advocate” guess as to why they do that though. Of course alot of folks probably sit much further or closer to TV than “average” so this theory is probably already shot.

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