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  1. OK, here’s something more ironic, the reply from Tim Green of the Champs:

    wow, that’s awesome. i’ll put it up on the site when we get back from the uk and new york. i’ve been meaning to let people know that if they feel like sending in tab that it would be welcome cos people are always asking for it and i don’t know how to read/write it myself. thanks! tg p.s. the whole last riff was inspired by mahavishnu’s “dance of the maya”

    OK, first off, it’s awesome that he replied within a couple hours. But, he can’t even read/write tabs? Weird.

    I wasn’t planning on working on any more than just that one, but now I’m thinking I just might do another. But some of them are so layered that it’s hard to pick notes out. I started working on Thor Is Like Immortal and it was going really slow. I also tried to do ROM at one point but I couldn’t even figure out the first notes. I’d really like to do Nebula Ball but that is so muddy that I can

    Though, I’m really stoked about this. I realized that I wasn’t going to invest half of the time into guitar it would take to get good enough to play Champs songs (or Rush for that matter). If I had 5 more lives to live, one of them would be devoted solely to guitar, but I’ve just got so many other things that I want to do more. But I’ve already got the ear (and the technology) enough to tab Champs stuff out before anyone else.

  2. Wow man – that is awesome! And he replied in a couple of hours too. I guess that approach makes for a dedicated fan base though.

    And it sounds like you’ve got your work cut out for you if you plan on doing another. How long do you think another one will take?

  3. Too much time. We’ll see. It’ll take at least the bulk of whatever day I choose to do it. I’ll get on Thor maybe today.

    And, I know a Minibosses fan who knows how to play Valkyrie Is Dying, and this is getting him to write and submit that tab.

  4. Yeah, I started on Thor. I’m about 1/2 the way done with the first voice. It also looks like the Champs just keep their guitars downtuned a half step. I guess it’s a metal thing.

  5. To give you an update, here is what I’ve come up with for Thor since Monday, taking a lot of hours out of the day.

    What you see is just the main guitar part with a hunk in the middle missing and the breakdown at the end missing. The song is so baroque that I think it deserves to be written like sheet music, with correct spacing.

    It’s really hard to decide which voices to assign to which parts because, as you know, it’s just 3 guitars (actually sometimes 4 or 5!) being layered over each other. I’ve concluded that he tbest way to go about that is to simply assign all the highest voices to the main voice, to give the reader a fuller main voice to play. This is different from what most likely happens: new voices layering above and below the main voice.

    I’ll shoot for finishing this tab before I go see the Champs in NYC on the 9-10th.

  6. I guess Tim spoke to you about the Champs concert. Those dates are going to be bad for him and I.

    Did you finish Thor?

  7. FYI, The Fucking Champs updated their tabs page, with mine on it: http://www.thefuckingchamps.com/tab.html

    I’m pretty far with Thor, but I haven’t picked up a guitar since the last time I was working on it (what, a year and a half now?). I don’t even have my guitar up with me, but as soon as I can muster the time and interest, I’d like to finish it,

  8. Tab site doesn’t seem to be up anymore and I am fiending playing some of this music and I just can’t seem to work it all out myself. Any new links?

    Thanks so much

  9. Hmmm, looks like the site is down entirely. All I have is what’s posted on this site, sorry. But, hopefully, their site being down is just a temporary thing.

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