Official Itinerary: Proto-Con 1.0 October 21st to 23rd

In coming up with the itinerary I tried to accommodate everyones’ requests and suggestions as best as I could. See you in a week.

Official Itinerary: Proto-Con 1.0 October 21st to 23rd, 2005

Friday Night

6-7 PM          Arrivals and Proto-Bag Handout
7:30-8 PM       Keynote Address
8:30-12 PM      Star Frontiers: Session 1


8-9 AM          Breakfast: The Tea, Juice and Fruit Morning Mixer
9-10:00 AM      A Chat Amongst Friends  
10:00-1 PM      Project: Shooting Proto-Con's 2006 Promo-Video (i.e., next             
                year's).  The video will make use of cardboard animatronics 
                and/or sculpted beasties.
1-2 PM          Lunch: Make it yourself
2-3:30 PM       Creative Canned Biscuit Cook-Off Contest
3:30-4 PM       Photos (Costume and Group)
4-5 PM          Intense Discussion/Heated Debate: Extemporaneous plot and     
                character creation collaborative brainstorm
5-6 PM          Dinner: Tim's Goulash
6-10 PM         Star Frontiers: Conclusion
10-12 AM        Movie (TBA) catered with generic snacks and one variety of   
                strange alcoholic beverage (TBA)
12-? AM         Late-Nite Thom-foolery (may include, but not limited to):
                *  Snipe hunt (sniping bags will be provided but bring your own 
                *  The Nightwalkers - a bunch of fools walk home along a country     
                   road in the dark enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of 
                   the night and almost getting themselves killed as they fall 
                   into ditches, get hit by cars, and such.


8-9 AM          Breakfast: Megan will arrive at 8 AM and cook EVERYONE French  
                toast and then go home.
9-10 AM         Excelsior - Where is Protozoic going from here?  What does the             
                future hold for CoT, Ameviathan, Ant Farming, Chook, Famouse the 
                Mouse, Odin 2000, Phos Rocks and other thriving/dead projects?
10-12 AM        Project: Penning of the Proto-Con Ballad
12-1 PM         Sandwiches for the Road and Awards
                Awards will include:
                1) Creative Canned Biscuit Cook-Off Award
                2) Costume Award
                3) Intense Dissussion Award
                4) Roleplaying Award (i.e., who won the Star Frontiers game,     
                the GM or the Players)
1 PM            Goodbye Speech: "Safe Sailing Dear Friends & Associates" (To be          
                given by Thom Webb, even if he's already left on Saturday)

Note: The dealer table will be supplied by Thom Webb.

13 thoughts on “Official Itinerary: Proto-Con 1.0 October 21st to 23rd

  1. Anything we should know about Star Frontiers before the con-mencement? I know how role-playing can get when everything has to be clarified 100 times.

  2. The only thing I know about the game I gathered from looking at the front the box. So to answer your question – no not really. However, if you want to look into a bit – you can download all the games and rules in PDF format here. After Wizard’s of the Coast took over TSR, Star Frontiers was one of the games they made available for free download and distribution on the internet. It was defiantly one of the more commendable things that Wizard’s of the Coast did.

  3. It was Cwell back in the 80’s, but its now Cswell for the year 2005. Just trying to make it a bit more hip for the younger generation.

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