The Market

Long time, no see. I’ve got a couple of things that I’ve been meaning to post, but you know how it goes. Anyway, Mike was bugging me to put some pictures up, so here’s one from China. This is from a street market.

the market

Points of interest:

  • crate full of bunny rabbits
  • crate full of “meal beetles” or whatever you call the beetles that meal worms turn into
  • crate full of multicolored bugs
  • most importantly, crate full of dyed baby chickens

I’m not sure what is appealing about a green chick, but there it is. I didn’t ask for the price of any of these, but I’m sure it was dirt cheap.

6 thoughts on “The Market

  1. I think they’re trying to fool people into thinking these are Peeps. Black market and counterfit Peeps are apparently a big problem in China and Southeast Asia.

    Be warned: when traveling in foreign countries never eat a Peep without boiling for five minutes first (this includes Canada but especially the EU, which should go without saying after the recent Mad Peep scares). And if your Peep moves on it’s own discard it as soon as possible to avoid prosecution for posession of counterfit Peeps.

  2. Yeah – evidently there is a big scare in France now about Mad Peep disease. The French are claiming that it originated in Britain. As a result France stopped buying all British poultry and Britain has stopped buying champagne, cheese and those stupid fart videos from France. The irony of it all is how much flak Europe gives America for politics of stupidity.

  3. This is what happens when birds mate with species that are on the “DO NOT FLOCK LIST”. Obviously Tweety-Bird and Big Bird got together and produced the poor color-retarded peeps above.

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