Grue’s Essentials

I know this isn’t supposed to be a blog, but I can’t help but list my favorite classic hits…

1 – Screaming Jay Hawkins – I put a spell on you

2 – ? and the Mysterions – 96 Tears

3 – Del Shannon -Runaway

4 – Donovan – Wear your love like Heaven

5 – Supremes (really Freda Paine)- Band of Gold

6 – The Animals – House of the Rising Sun

7 – The Four Tops- Reach Out I’ll be there

4 thoughts on “Grue’s Essentials

  1. On an unrelated tangent, in the vein of “free MP3s you can still find on the internet”:

    I finally tracked down Airplane Rider by Air Miami. This made me really happy since I haven’t heard this song in something like 7 years and it’s still stuck in my head. It’s apparently not available on either Raphsody or iTunes.

    Flight 99047 Air Miami: Go!

  2. Air Miami… now there is a name from the *Ninja* days.

    Have you tried any music sharing programs to find Nerdy Girl?

  3. Oh btw, I got your mail, but I just haven’t had a proper chance to reply yet. I’ve been very busy. However, I’m no longer working for the tragedy that is the Oil Tanker Certification business, or as of Wednesday I won’t be. I’ll be telling them this morning that I’ll be sailing onto new employment vistas and in particular saving the Arctic Wildlife Refuge.

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