After years of nearlys, yesterday my football team was relegated or demoted or whatever you want to call it.
It is quite sad. We now have to sell our players.

Some American tycoon who owns tampa bay bucaneers and hasnt ever been to see football in england has bought Manchester United.
Its caused a great deal of controversy hear, mainly because whn I say he bought, he actually borrowed £300 million of the £700 million and put the club into debt. Thats buisiness I suppose and its always amusing to see a club that courted merchandise and its brand so regularly as a buisiness to be bought and run like a buisiness. You sow the wind and you reap the whirlwind. PLC means you can be bought and you have already sold out. We laboured under the illusion that the buisiness men before were concerned with the spirit of football. At least its out in the open. Some American Cu*nt has bought what he sees as a good deal and doesnt really care if its a team or a it buys and sells oil.
Thats the way of the world.
Sad but true.

Finally, if you ahvent done already, listen to Groovey Train by the Farm or Safety Dance by Men with Hats today.
Its always good to revisit the old ones.

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