Late Night Bullshit

i'd rather be anywhere
anywhere i can run to
anywhere that's dark

any place at all
anywhere i can count an endless string of worries
anywhere you aren't
and they

i can make it all


(i can't...)

just wanted you to know
that i think about you
and in the soft glow of a computer monitor
my face looks sunken, sallow
as i rattle off this self-indulgent poetry
casting myself as the nostalgic hero
who never worries
and always feels good about things
who is perpetually 22
and everything
to you.

3 thoughts on “Late Night Bullshit

  1. Well, that’s totally fucked. It was a whole lot better when it was fucking spaced properly.

    Oh well. I was never a poet anyway.

  2. I like the repetition of the word any (and its variations) in the first two stanzas and how they juxtapose themselves with the word STOP. It creates a very tense feeling.

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