4 thoughts on “Dash Eight

  1. To me chris’s playing style is timeless. Out of the the 3 million guitar players I know, his playing his style is noticable no matter what equipment he’s playing through. I rhinkl the song’s are well thought out catchy and original. I will definitely get out to see them. Right now I am listing to parting shot and I can’t remember how the begining goes because it’s into this really cool octave part of the guitar that is so different from the begining. I hear a lot of Wilco but only because of the vocals. Rock on chris keep it up .

  2. I was just wondering who happened to pay such close attention to writing my name in all capital letters vertically. That definately took a lot of thought and time….shift C enter, shift U enter, shift R enter, shift T enter, shift I enter, shift S enter, enter, shift K enter, shift R enter, shift A enter, shift M enter, shift S enter….thank you…I am flattered. Even though there are three other dufusses in the band, I am now well aware that I am the most important……..that’s what I thought all along….now it is confirmed because of my ALL CAPS VERTICAL NAME. I have reached rock star status. In all seriousness though, thank you…..hope you like the whole band, not just me…after all it is called Dash Eight. Much Thanks Curtis

  3. Hi. This is Adam from Dash Eight. You know, it’s really not cool to cross the street without your mom and dad, kids. Or, if your folks don’t happen to be there, without a crossing guard. I crossed the street once without my parents or a crossing guard. In fact, I ditched my parents just so I could go find a crossing guard, and ditch her, too. Sure, I crossed the street all right. But now, I’m in a rock band. If you don’t want to end up in a rock band like me, find your folks, or a crossing guard, and look both ways before you cross, kids.

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