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Behold I am become Quirt Evans!

Casually imperious in the saddle,
Swinging mighty staves to batter down my foes,
Fists clenched, quaking in rightous Quaker rage,
Run amok in bar and bordello,
Hurling cornsilk-haired hussies wrecklessly through the air.

What smart tounged sneak-foot sheriff
Would loan this outlaw new rope?


What forward doe-eyed Friend dare slack
His bad man's thirst for violence
And divine spark enkindle?

If Ever I Had

What is this I hear going on about me?
Needing to conceal that I had little hope 
Perhaps I was worried about what wouldn’t be
Unsure if these feelings will ever know it’s not a joke

I pen this looking from the outside in
Delighted in revealing that thoughts can evolve
Calm shadows cast by generations of souls within
They would never have sought my help to solve

Outcomes, solutions, conclusions, the end
Later we will discover the epilogue’s brightness
Now we must adapt and bend and avoid the trends
Knowing that eternity will demonstrate her genius