To Build a Saint Bernard

I'd come from London
to explore the
the Alpine Wild
when I fell through the ice.

The matches wet
would not light
when from the white
the St. Bernard

And I wondered,
"Does he really
have cocoa
in that little jug."

3 thoughts on “To Build a Saint Bernard

  1. I like this. Sort of Jack London meets Belle and Sebastian. Although the title makes me think of some desperate project to construct the eponymous entity in “Trojan Horse” fassion, with the irrational assurance that doing so will empower it with the ability to save you.

    Side note: Generally I think the S’int Brenards were supposed to have alcohol in that jug. You know, like a big old healthy dose of brandy, warmed to a dog’s body temperature with that faint aftertaste of doggie slather. Just the thing to drink if you’re freezing cold and want to take a little nap, forever.

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