7 thoughts on “My Contribution to Today: A Luppy

  1. Mike – I have a spelling question: If the singular of “puppies” is “puppy,” shouldn’t the singular of “luppies” be “luppy?” I wasn’t sure if you meant that spelling on purpose.

    Peter – What do you think the back door on a puppy is for? 😉

  2. You are right Megan. I was just dreaming in my heart of hearts that millions of web purveyors would read “My Contribution to Today: A Luppie” (sic) and want a luppy. “Luppies!”, they’d scream in Minneapolis. “Luppies!”, they scream in Bangkok. “Los Luppies!”, they’d scream in Mexico City. The result was that I pluralized a singular thing in eager, unconscious anticipation. Now it is obvious that this misspelling was instead just a symptom of a repressed, desperate hope.

    I’ll correct it.

  3. I sort of came to expect your all-over-the-alphabet, illogical spellings. After all, how else would we know “mell worms” or the color “blake”?

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