Kettle Kittens

In answer to “Luppie”, the log and a puppy, I present Kettle Kittens. While both find common ground with their nod to domestic pets, they are also starkly different. Like electrum, a Luppie is a kind of alloy, an alloy of a log and puppy (not a dog-log or a log-dog). However, Kettle Kittens is not an alloy, but rather a divide, or even the divide, like space and time, realism and naturalism, or Chloë Sevigny and Kate Beckinsale. In total, Kettle Kittens is a very short DV film about a kettle cut off from irresistible kittens. I pray that Kettle Kittens wins Sundance. If it doesn’t, all I can say is what do they know of kettles and kittens or the magnifco “Luppie”?


For Kettle Kittens, Tim manned the camera and did the editing, and I wrote the music and the story/plot line. The film was shot on the same camera we will be shooting The Green Machine on.

7 thoughts on “Kettle Kittens

  1. Clearly the best quality bit of film from the protozoic camp. Though I must admit I did have to use my mute button for this one.

    NOW, where is a picture of the camera. We wanna see the camera!

  2. I must also say that it took you 5 minutes to fill that kettle. You entered the room at 9:55 (oven clock) and finally put the kettle on the burner at 10:00. Wow! Must take a lot of water to fill that kettle.

    Where is the picture of the camera?

  3. Haha. Actually something to look for on that clock is that strange flicker. I’m not sure why it does that. Something with the frequency of the display I imagine.

    Tim has to take a picture of the camera. Send him an email.

  4. I sincerely doubt that it took that much water to fill the kettle. It probably took five minutes to fill it because of the serious lack of water pressure in that faucet. Poor boys.

  5. No thoughts that came to my head regarding this offering of yours are neither the worthy praise it deserves, nor constructive criticism. But the associations triggered are as follows:

    **Pre-watching thoughts:**

    Hmm… some sort of highbrow piece poking fun at the soft-core porn industry. The “Kettel Kittens” are obviously some reference to the “Playboy Bunnies”. Or maybe adorable mascots designed to sell really high quality vodka.

    **Post-watching thoughts:**

    Sometimes disparate elements come together and get juxtaposed in my mind in a sort of odd syncronicity/syncretism. The logic escapes most sane individuals, but intuitively it makes sense to me. In this case the recent photo of an aspiring young director fused with the particular electrum reference to unearth the wry commentary on the work at hand that:

    There can be no doubt…

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