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Max is no longer with us. I am thankful for the role he played in our lives. You will be missed.

Max loved being outside.
Max loved sleeping.
Max did not love getting his nails dremeled.

More of Max on here and here on protozoic.

Soggy Dog

I made a number of Vines over the Thanksgiving holiday, largely centering around my mother’s dog, Max. This Vine is perhaps my favorite because I am certain I could never reproduce this slurping, soggy dog sound near the end.

Father Time – Movie Pitch

Joe sent me this movie pitch the other day. I tried to post it on Mandy. We’ll see if it goes live.

— Mike

Father Time

Jim Carrey is a Divorced man who is now an Episcopalian priest. He has an estranged son from his previous marriage. The son has a Dog named Lou.

One day Jim Carrey and his son go to an amusement park as they attempt to keep up their relationship – a relationship that at best can be described as acrimonious.

The duo and the dog (or Lou) all go on the roller coaster and after going through a tunnel emerge in a world circa1965. The dog can now talk too – he serves as comic relief as he burps and farts his way through this gripping drama. While my comedy handbooks suggest that bodily humor can sometimes alienate certain audiences, rarely has this humor been attached to an animal which have consistently been proven to be box office draws (Benji, C.H.O.M.P.S., Marley and Me, etc.).

Jim Carrey realizes that he can give a better life to his son by having him invest in Microsoft and telling him who to bet on in the Kentucky Derby (Jim Carry the priest was a big-time horse gambler – that is what cost him his marriage) but his son does not like to gamble as he is a devout Episcopalian. (Making the son a Muslim instead of an Episcopalian is another consideration. This could be seen as PC move and broaden our appeal in certain circles.)

Trouble ensues and the elder dad dies. The son bets all of his money on the horse “Proud Clarion” and makes a bunch of money in the Kentucky Derby. The son acknowledges that his father was right, and vows to be just like him when he grows up….

Fast Forward to modern days. The son has grown up and looks just like Jim Carrey. He also has an estranged relationship with his own son. The two decide to go on a roller coaster together…..

The dog winks. And farts.

The movie is called Father Time.