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Cave of Trouble

Cave of Trouble (CoT) is/was several things. The name that we made music under for one. It was also the band that worked for Chook Industries. It slowly morphed into only being a label for the music we made. Somewhere during the Chook era, we made a website for the band, and even touted the latest music we were working on, the Cigarette EP. That was a project we actually finished but never updated the site with. That also has never seen the light of day on the posts I was doing on CoT albums. Maybe someday.

This site had a cool feature I was rather proud of, one that is now defunct. The web server checked the weather in Salisbury, MD and displayed a drawing of the appropriate weather behind the monster graphic. Currently, I just have a random weather image being displayed. Also, at the bottom of the page, the weather was displayed in a line that said, “The weather at Bayland is _______ at 7:03 pm.” Bayland refers to [Bayland Aviation], located at the Salisbury airport

So, here is the original version of the Cave of Trouble website.

Cave of Trouble

Spontaneous Human Combustion

Spontaneous Combustion was shot in 2004 and is the Cave of Trouble‚Äôs second movie. It remains essential viewing for any serious researcher of spontaneous human combustion (SHC), and is recommended for anyone who is interested in conspiracy theory. It also features what was arguably the Cave of Trouble’s only minor hit, “May I Have Some Cake Please.” This would certainly be different if the band had of put out the still unreleased lost treasure, “Get Away from Me.” Or maybe not.

The movie currently exists in a form on Protozoic, but the version is pretty low resolution. Now, thank goodness, you can watch it on your phone in this new version.