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Torture Porn Disco – Demo

Que pedo? My sentiments exactly. Hence this tune.

While I’ve labeled this “stab” (bahahahahwhwwa) at music “demo,” in all likelihood there will never be another version of it. The lyrics are probably also totally indecipherable because of my poor recording methods. I can’t imagine there being a great outcry for the lyrics to this song, but in the event there is, they go something like this:

I was dropping mad amounts of ecstasy
hugs, drugs and moonbows to infinity
moving my rump to the laser freak beat
jumping up and down moving both my feet

when all the sudden i saw this disturbing sight
when i saw by the glow stick light
a dude with something in his nose
and i swear it was a toe

and all the sudden it dawned on me
i was at the torture porn disco

The lyrics don’t go exactly like that. I wrote them in a draft email while I was singing them — but at some point during the recording of them just went off on tangents small and large.

And Tim – if you feel so moved, and want to create a specific streaming MP3 directory that would be great. Because there wasn’t one, and I wanted the QT playback options, I posted this in the video directory.

The Cave of Trouble in: Search for the Chupacabra

While my favorite film of the so-called Cave of Trouble period remains Spontaneous Combustion1, The Cave of Trouble in: Search for the Chupacabra2 was always my friends’ favorite. Shot a couple years before the launch of Protozoic, the film was never officially put on the site3.

Brian and Chupacabra Decoy

In hopes that people will surf in and watch the movie, or any of the movies on this site for that matter, I’ve drafted some comments below to try and drum up some hits.


The Cave of Trouble in: Search for the Chupacabra remains the hardest hitting documentary and DOCUMENT EVER in the HISTORY OF MAN to deal with the blood sucking DEMON known as the chupacabra. Often derided as a spoof and inept Blair Witch, The Cave of Trouble in: Search for the Chupacabra is a new level of FEAR, TERROR and BLOOD SUCKING GOATs. Shot on location in Salisbury, Maryland, home of FRANK PERDUE, whether you are a hardcore cryptologist, lonely housewife, Japanese exchange student, or the Surf Punks’ # 1 fan, The Cave of Trouble in: Search for the Chupacabra is mandatory viewing.

  1. At some point I plan to repost Spontaneous Combustion because it was never posted to our Podcast. 

  2. This appears to have been the full title of the film. For whatever reason, I always thought the film’s title was Search for the Chupacabra, but it appears that it was not. 

  3. Initially, the film may have been intended to go on the Cave of Trouble website, as at the end of the movie the Cave of Trouble site is advertised. By 2003 however, the Cave of Trouble site, like Chook Industries, was no longer maintained and the video was never made available on either of these two aforementioned sites. 

Spontaneous Combustion

Spontaneous Combustion is the Cave of Trouble’s second 30 minute length movie. This movie is essential viewing for any serious researcher of spontaneous human combustion (SHC), and is recommended for all believers of conspiracy theory.

Here is Spontaneous Combustion in mov format. If you have problems with this format on Windows, try getting QuickTime.

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