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The James Spader Podcast 11 – “Baby Boom”

Baby money montage – it’s another James Spader Podcast, and this time we’re reeling in Baby Boom (1987) and possibly a MacArthur Grant. We might even accidentally play a promo for The Blacklist from Youtube as we stream trailers. For now though, get your deck of cards ready and prepare to rate Baby Boom.

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Screen grabs from Baby Boom.

**Baby Boom** Money Montage
Baby Boom Money Montage
You put a shark repellent in the deal.  Right.
“You put a shark repellent in the deal. Right.”
Close captions of James Spader’s mysterious business slang
from the 1987 film Baby Boom.

H.P. Thomcraft’s Game of Pawns – 1 week only!

H.P. Thomcraft sojourns to a cloudy living room in an undisclosed location of the nether-regions/places to weave three hazy tales of mystery and murk while playing a most deadly game of death. “H.P. Thomcraft’s Game of Pawns” is the sequel to the water-logged “H.P. Thomcraft’s Box of Tales.”

I will be pulling the post down this coming Sun. in order to submit to festivals. I just wanted participants and readers of Protozoic to get a preview.

*** This video will be back on Protozoic soon! ***

See you soon!
See you soon!

Jot it down

This is not practical advice at all considering we live in a digital age. I should have sang a sentiment like, “Type ideas you may want to squirrel away out on your laptop,” or try entering them into your device via its touchscreen interface and have said device autocorrect whatever it is you are trying to write and get wildly frustrated when “lept” is changed to “kept,” then “slept,” only later to realize that you were possibly wrong and it is “leapt.”

I suspect it is also completely and totally indecipherable what I’m singing about, but it is along the lines above of jotting it down.

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Here is another track from Chewkies Two. There is not a video for this one, because the program I do the titling with broke on me. I deleted it and tried to reinstall it only to find that my Mac OS was too out of date. Apple! Thanks to Tim for feedback on the mix.