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An Hour Before Dawn – Northeast, Minneapolis

This mid-side stereo recording was made approximately an hour before dawn1 in Northeast, Minneapolis on July 9th, 2016. Other than instances such as bugs hitting the microphone blimp, there are few edits in the recording. I did roll off at 60 Hz; on my system this has a slight effect on the train sounds, the first of which appears around minute 20, but I felt the cut was beneficial in getting rid of some other boominess of the air. The train still sounds accurate in relation to where I was2.

  1. The recording begins around 4:30 AM; dawn was at 5:36 AM. 
  2. The train tracks are a couple blocks from where I was recording. 

Pools 9 & 10 – Carlos Avery, Minnesota

This is a recording I made near pools 9 and 10 at Carlos Avery, a Minnesota WMA, on March 13, 2016. It was a pretty grey day overall, and there isn’t too much going on in the soundscape other than some wind and the occasional bird. I recorded at a couple other spots, but it was too windy. There a couple pictures below.

Carlos Avery - Water
Carlos Avery – Water
Carlos Avery - Improvised Mic Stand
Carlos Avery – Improvised Mic Stand (I’m not quite pointing at the microphone with my thermos, but look at the nice tree.)
Carlos Avery - Near Pools 9 and 10
Carlos Avery – Near Pools 9 and 10

Hidden Falls Regional Park, St. Paul, MN

This audio of Hidden Falls Park in St. Paul was recorded on the afternoon of December 30, 2015. There are four locations. The first is by the Mississipi; the crackling sound is water lapping ice. The second spot is amid a circle/shit-ton of crows; some other birds attempt to join in near the end. The third and forth locations are, respectively, at the stream approaching the falls and then at the falls. The falls, it might be mentioned, appear to be the result of a drainage pipe. While Minnehaha Falls across the way is more parky-scenic-photograph-your-kids-by/in/etc., Hidden Falls is more St. Pauly-paul.

NE Minneapolis, December 29, 2015

This audio of NE Minneapolis was recorded on December 29, 2015 between 7:45 and 8:15 PM. The neighborhood is pretty quiet, perhaps due to a snow earlier in the day. There are two vantage points in the recording: the first with me closer to a vent and the second with me further away. In addition to a couple cars, a plane or two, you can hear someone hammering on a house, a child, some dogs, and near the end of the track, rather excitingly, someone start a car and let it warm up for a minute-and-a-half before pulling away.