NE Minneapolis, December 29, 2015

This audio of NE Minneapolis was recorded on December 29, 2015 between 7:45 and 8:15 PM. The neighborhood is pretty quiet, perhaps due to a snow earlier in the day. There are two vantage points in the recording: the first with me closer to a vent and the second with me further away. In addition to a couple cars, a plane or two, you can hear someone hammering on a house, a child, some dogs, and near the end of the track, rather excitingly, someone start a car and let it warm up for a minute-and-a-half before pulling away.

3 thoughts on “NE Minneapolis, December 29, 2015

  1. Very nice. While I was listening to the beginning with the hammering, someone was really hammering outside and I got confused.

    Makes me want to rebuy some recording equipment and start documenting where I live.

  2. That’s funny about the hammering. And yes, that is a picture from last night of the snow fall. The mics are super sensitive; there is some handling. A stand will fix that, but it was nice to be mobile and just walk around. I rolled off 40Hz in the recorder at some point, but it is still something I’m going to have to address. I had some weird interference too that I’d like you to hear. Like anything, its going to take some practice. Today I’m going to go over to a park to record some more because I have the time at the moment.

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