H.P. Thomcraft’s Game of Pawns – 1 week only!

H.P. Thomcraft sojourns to a cloudy living room in an undisclosed location of the nether-regions/places to weave three hazy tales of mystery and murk while playing a most deadly game of death. “H.P. Thomcraft’s Game of Pawns” is the sequel to the water-logged “H.P. Thomcraft’s Box of Tales.”

I will be pulling the post down this coming Sun. in order to submit to festivals. I just wanted participants and readers of Protozoic to get a preview.

*** This video will be back on Protozoic soon! ***

See you soon!
See you soon!

15 thoughts on “H.P. Thomcraft’s Game of Pawns – 1 week only!

  1. impressive overall; great special effects during the scene transitions, particularly the audio component…

    damien st. jacques?? profound as always…

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. Probably far too much time and effort went into it ultimately; it was something of a labor of love. It was, after all, the final film shot on Buckhaven. It also gave me a chance to do a bunch of things I’d never done before – and Tim too, as he detailed in his other post.

  3. ha, yeah man, the “non-TV end” of the living room is instantly recognizable in the central scene w/ HPT and Lord Tarrasque, w/ the bookshelves as a backdrop and with the sunroom add-on also in the background –

    ol’ 9 Buckhaven, a fitting cinematic tribute to a cherished place in the memory.

    well done.

  4. also a cool opening still, with the “infinite regress” image on HPT’s head.

  5. So when’s the special Director’s Cut with deleted scenes coming out on Blu-Ray?

  6. Lol, I’d love to do blu-ray’s, but blu-rays are not cheap, and neither is a blu-ray burner. The good news is that by clicking the “HD” button on the Vimeo player you can watch it in 1080p. It’s also close captioned, because a fest that is showing it required it; click the “CC” button on the player to turn them on.

  7. hey, if you get 10% of the gross and back-end points, that may interfere on your eligibility to collect on the back-end points (or the equivalent dollar amount) on that other thing….just so, ya know, ya know?

  8. The vocal effects on the characters of Lord T. & Thomcraft were done in Logic. Lord T. has a reverb on his voice called Space Designer and another plugin called Vocal Transformer. So, on Lord T., you are actually hearing three sounds, the dry voice, the voice with reverb, and the voice run through VT, all mixed together at various levels, though the dry voice is the most prominent of the three. I actually tried a number of things before I settled on that cocktail (at points I had pitch shifts, and even a vocoder on Lord T.). The movie, however, was mixed in Pro Tools.

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