Souls-like Demons 1 + 2

Demons (1985) and Demons 2 (1986) are not Souls-like, but there was a moment in Demons 2, where a group of bodybuilders is trying to escape a demon horde and they go down a spiral staircase.

If you played any of the Souls series, the phrase “a spiral staircase moment” most likely conjures an image of something, such as Havel the trashcan. I was going to try to make a GIF of the effect, but it didn’t work; however, in the process of trying to capture the staircase moment, I inadvertently got this photo, and it struck an even deeper chord with my experience of playing the game(s) with friends.

Reviews of Demons and Demons 2 beneath the meme12.

Me On a DS1 run
Run away.


Demons (1985) – 2/4 – A horror movie that turns into reality and attacks the audience. There is a WWF-style demon-zombie vs. moviegoer brawl, a motorcycle & katana head-chopping scene outdone moments later by a helicopter head-chopping scene, and an apocalyptic ending where the preppers survive. Don’t say Nostradamus didn’t tell you so.

Demons 2 (1986) – 2/4 – Best watched hot off the heels of Demons (1985).

  1. The Church (1989) – 1/4 – Demons Souls deep cut.
    The Church (1989)
    Damn you, Latria! And double damn you Prisoner Horde…
  2. The Church (1989) – 1/4 – …or, Elden Ring.
    The Church (1989)
    Look at my dumb ass mask. Check it, now I’m in another minor

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  1. So cool on the footnotes, The Church had higher ambitions but was still kind of trashy in its own way.

  2. Also, too, the sardine crackers. That’s how we roll for a meal sometimes.

    What’s wrong with that? Protein, good fats, wut? It’s a meal. Shit on the haters.

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