Evil Toons not Souls-like

Evil Toons is another film that isn’t soul-like, though there have been moments in the soul series that I’ve felt are spooky, and the “spooky” line delivered by Madison Stone (who plays Roxanne) was my favorite bit.

Clip and review below.

Evil Toons (1992) – 1/4 – Though the second half of its name is ‘Toons’, due to budget restraints, there are only about 90 seconds of so-called cartoonery in the movie. It does star thee – “Who appears in the film slightly longer than the amount of animation in it” – Dick Miller and pays homage to him along with a nod to Bucket of Blood (1959), directed by Roger Corman1. Bonuses: David Carradine has a killer entrance at the end, and the cast-credit sequence is aspirational.

  1. According to Fred Olen Ray, Corman himself passed on backing the film as he felt it was too risky of a premise.