Turd on the Run

Sometimes it amazes me that one of the biggest rock and roll bands of all time, The Rolling Stones, on one of their definitive albums, Exile on Main St., released a song called Turd on the Run.

Turd on the Run

I guess I should not be surprised that in the 48 years that have passed since that song was released, it has never been played live on tour.

7 thoughts on “Turd on the Run

  1. But did they do frog noises on their keyboard and call it ‘Perfect?’


  2. 3 f-ing facts ’bout to DRAWP:

    1. I had to watch a belt commercial to listen to Turd on the Run.

    2. Not recorded in St. Thomas so, i mean, wtf???? No creeque, no leaky.

    3. the best lyric: “Di’mond rings, Vaseline, you give me disease.” I find your failure to mention that lyric disturbing.

    Facts were just drawped. I hope you had your depends. Or a gaping mouth. or a gaping anything that could catch the fail spew. PWNED!!!!!

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