Addendum: A cactus story

I recently wrote a brief history of a cactus I own. There were two more pictures of the cactus during and immediately after the repotting process that I just found. I have updated the original post, but for those who don’t want to reread it to look at the two new pictures, they are below.

First up is the main cactus and the small cutting removed from the pot. The main cactus was replanted up to the top of the brown part on the base.

This the cactus pup, not shown above, immediately after planting. It was always very green, but at first it was very shriveled.

4 thoughts on “Addendum: A cactus story

  1. Muh cartilage keeps gettin’ bigger but theirs stays the saaaaaame size.

  2. Make a cactus whip, once you have enough cactus meat. It’s a refreshing thing. You have to peel away the spines (obviously! amirite???) and then the skin. Then puree, but whip air into it and if you do it right, you froth up the slurry enough that it’s almost white. Enough air and it’s white. Not enough, and you have some goo I wouldn’t slurp down for nuthin. But enough air, and it’s a frothy almost white, slightly green, DEE-LIGHT. But be sure to put in enough air, or it will just be goo. Make it frothy, a light almost white delight. Make sure, though, that it doesn’t end up a boring gooey failed effort. Don’t make it a typical cream. Make sure it gets enough air to be a light, frothy, almost white DEE-LIGHT. I can’t stress this enough. DOn’t let it just be a clear, boring, aloe vera like goo. Make it frothy. Almost White. Maybe still a little green…but mostly an ALMOST white, frothy delight.

    It cures the summer blues. and makes you feel light. and frothy. and almost white, but maybe a little green. But definitely a DEELIGHT.

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