Enter the Ninja

Enter the Ninja (1981) is a really terrible movie, and it’s Wikipedia page is in need of an update, but some of the sets do have pleasing mid-century modern pieces. Additionally, I inadvertently figured out where this death scene came from. And honestly, it loses something as a meme-like clip on Youtube. This is by no means a recommendation to watch this film (let alone purchase it on Blu-ray), but experiencing the scene in the context of the movie itself, caused me to rewind it repeatedly between a state of utter confusion, half-laughs, and a lot of um-ing.

3 thoughts on “Enter the Ninja

  1. As a fan of hideous 80’s movies I have to confess I’ve never seen this one.

  2. As soon as I saw it was a Golan-Globus production nothing more needed to be said.

  3. Exactly. Lifeforce was on TV the other night, and it may have sparked me to seek out the Ninja series. I watched Revenge of the Ninja and was working up to Ninja III: The Domination. Domination is supposed to be the definitive film in the series.

    For the record, Lifeforce is pretty bad too. It bothered me as a kid a lot, but it just feels all over the place in terms of direction and consistency.

    I’ll probably also be watching The Apple here at some point. It’s on Prime streaming currently.

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