10 thoughts on “Quiz Night

  1. i always mean to do more, but post to facebook instead, which is indefensible.

    there the sports-centric quiz. i think we might have gotten one right on that because i screamed out “bo jackson.” then there was a quiz that had to do with various awards. the last one was a series of old photos of presidents that you had to identify, like andrew johnson.

  2. of all the sports-related sh*t to remember in all of the possible parallel universes that are out there…and u remember “bo jackson”. aint that some funny sh1t. why bo jackson?

  3. Because Bo knows…random answers to pub quiz. Remember THAT s***?! Awwww YEAH! Bo KNOWS!!!!

  4. other than he played two sports – i haven’t the faintest. when i was a kid i feel like he was someone that was really pushed upon my conscious. i can’t even recall how good he was.

  5. tecmo bowl ref…man, takin in back to 91, son.

    tecmo bowl picked up where mike tyson’s punchout left off in terms of 8-bit sports realism and feeling as if you were there, live.

  6. Ahhh – I forgot he was in Tecmo Bowl.

    There was another quiz night and this time we placed 5th out of about 20 or so. A number of the teams had 8 or so people in them, while we had 2. Not too shabby. We placed better this time because the picture round involved identifying characters from the Sunday comics, and I knew 6 of the 8 answers, one of whom was the character Shoe.

  7. wow, shoe. he was a duck or something. for sure, shoe would have never again risen to my conscious awareness of its own accord, without (your) external function call. well done, sir.

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