Bob Evans Picture Submission/ Discussion

I was in Bob Evans the other day and went to use the bathroom. There were two stalls. I entered one of the stalls and it looked as if 30 people had shit in the toilet bowl. It did not appear to have overflowed, but as if, 30 people shit in it. I went into the other stall and it was fine.

What I find puzzling about this, is it obvious the toilet wouldn’t flush. But it is also obvious that 30 people shit in the bowl, and it wasn’t just the work of one person. I’ve seen this phenomenon before. What I wonder is, how exactly this occurs. If there is a free toilet that is clean, what impels the herd mentality to continue shitting in the same bowl?

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8 thoughts on “Bob Evans Picture Submission/ Discussion

  1. Are you sure it wasn’t some kind of parasitic worm disguised as poop that was reproducing in the bowl?

    Don’t say that doesn’t make sense. If canines and marsupials (as in, the extinct tasmanian wolf) can have convergent evolution, then why not worms and poop? What better way to hide in the bowels of an animal than to be disguised as its poop?

  2. I had another thought I can’t keep to myself…did you notice any alluring scents wafting from the poopful stall? Maybe the smell wasn’t stanky but sweet and people were drawn to it? Counter-intuitive? A little.

    This could still be the work of worms, though…the way they draw in their victims.

  3. The idea of the parasitic worm that is reproducing is entirely plausible. It is like grey goo, but grey poo. If people keep eating those Bob Evan’s breakfasts, we could be looking at a world-wide crisis.

  4. Agree with all of the foregoing. And why crap in the same bowl when there’s a perfectly sanitary top-shelf opportunity available?

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