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poop bags

I was going to work on a more serious post this weekend, but instead I will write about consumption and poop bags.

Amazon is currently running an offer to get an Amazon Dash button for $1.1 I know Tom likes them, but I find them kind of strange. Still, for a buck, maybe there was something there that I can use. Well, there wasn’t. But that was not the point of this post.

Many of us have pets. Those pets require lots of repetitive purchases: food, medicine, treats, poop bags, etc. Seems like it might be a good fit for a Dash button. That is not what I am here to criticize. No, I am here to criticize one of the selections that you can choose. Poop bags specifically. Look at the image above. Look at the image below. That is one of the possible combinations.

Why would you need 900 damned poop bags? And why would you need the ability to order them with a push button? I would think if you are the kind of person who orders poop bags 900 at a time, you probably obsessively plan far ahead. Because most people don’t go through poop bags at a rapid rate. It’s not like they take up a lot of space or have a shelf life. So why would someone need to hit a button when they realized they went through 895 of their poop bag stash, and that they need 900 more TOMORROW.

For reference, we bought 300 (I think?) poop bags when we got Neutron for her litter box. I think Mike used more of them than I have. Neutron poop goes in Target bags.

Also, I like the branded version of the button more.

  1. For those who don’t know, Amazon Dash buttons are little wifi devices that have a button on them. You link them to a specific product, and when you hit the button, it orders the product. The buttons are branded and only linkable to certain items. For example, the Gatorade button might let you select between several different flavors and sizes of Gatorade. 

Bob Evans Picture Submission/ Discussion

I was in Bob Evans the other day and went to use the bathroom. There were two stalls. I entered one of the stalls and it looked as if 30 people had shit in the toilet bowl. It did not appear to have overflowed, but as if, 30 people shit in it. I went into the other stall and it was fine.

What I find puzzling about this, is it obvious the toilet wouldn’t flush. But it is also obvious that 30 people shit in the bowl, and it wasn’t just the work of one person. I’ve seen this phenomenon before. What I wonder is, how exactly this occurs. If there is a free toilet that is clean, what impels the herd mentality to continue shitting in the same bowl?

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