Zelda 2 redux

I’m sure you guys remember my Zelda 2 Swordplay post here on Protozoic. Well, it turns out that one part of it was wildly popular without me even knowing it.

Recently, I searched via images.Google and found the image I created for that post multiple times in the first two pages of results.



That’s cool. You can tell it’s exactly mine because it was, in fact, a composite of several screen caps that I did a shitty job of throwing together with GIMP. You can even see the same error two bricks above the left window’s left side in all of those images.

With a little more searching, I was more surprised to find the image appearing on sites vastly more popular than some dudes’ shitty blogspot pages.



Notice how doubleviking fucks up and calls the Ironknuckle a Darknut.

So, here’s a somewhat fixed version of the previous image. Let’s see how many times we can see this one appear in cyberspace.

some swords

P.S. lol @ these people who think Zelda 2 is a genuinely difficult game.

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