Tim & Coffee

Back in 1994, energy drinks, like Red Bull or Monster-blue-windshield-wiper-fluid-whatever, did not exist. Really, the only things that did, were vile vials of 50% ginseng root/50% dirt water and the occasional energy elixir shot, like Bacchus D, that could be purchased in China Town. As a result, my group of friends and I would frequently take it upon ourselves to concoct our own energy drinks, like quadruple-brewed coffee, boiled sassafras root, clove water — basically anything in the herb cabinet. According to Tim, during one of these evenings, he had too much coffee and vowed to never drink coffee again. I always thought Tim was making his bad coffee-trip up just to be different. Recently however, I found evidence that proves my me wrong. These are pictures from one such evening and feature my friend Lee, myself, and finally Tim, in a heated moment of drinking something, perhaps even coffee, on his mythologized run-in with it.

Drink 1

Drink 2

Drink 3

Drink 4

Drink 5

Drink 6

4 thoughts on “Tim & Coffee

  1. Ah, my dear sweet boys. Dad and I never worried about drinking and drugs; we fretted over what they were concocting in the kitchen! Maybe Timmy should not have drunk it out of my half-gallon sized plant-watering pitcher!

  2. I don’t think this was the instance. That time involved getting fresh ground coffee at the grocery store, getting it ground on the turkish blend setting (really really fine) and then brewing a pot of espresso on the strongest setting on the espresso maker at home. The resulting liquid was tar-like and stained the mug. It was disgusting.

    Another time we made tea using cloves. And clove-sicles. Those made your tongue numb.

  3. Bacchus D was vile shit. I remember the smell – like a mixture of Vix-Vaypo-Rub and NyQuil. How anyone could drink something that smelled that bad…..

    Answers a lot of questions in retrospect.

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