8 thoughts on “Arachnafist – Making the Spider

  1. Is that really your apartment? I thought I was a slob. You got me beat hands down.

    What is Arachnifest?

    The spider design is reminscent of Jonny Quest, “Terror Island” or Lost In Space, “The Keeper.”

    You can look those up yourself.

  2. The thing that is making it flash is something we picked up at Spencer’s. The control it gives is about what you see there. It did the trick, but it was just some party piece of shit. That said, it was no more a piece of shit than the real dimmers we were using. They we literally wall dimmers (like right out of the Home Depot bin) soldered to plugs. You were only supposed run 450w through each one. At one point we were rushing to get a shot lit and managed to send 1400w through a dimmer. When we struck the lamps it started to buzz across the floor.

    Arachnafist is the title of a film I’m working on. It will be some time before it is done though because the second half needs to shot and then all the sound has to be done (the sound will be created and laid in after the fact).

    1. Faux. C’est pas l’anniversaire de Chuck Norris. Passke Chuck Norris est éternel, j’vous f’rais dire, et qu’en conséquence de quoi, il peut pas avoir d&nqeuo;anrivsrsaire. Bande d’incultes philistins et mécréants en plusse.

  3. I hope those fearsome spider sounds are in the film.

    (I’m telling myself that the mess is the result of spider construction.)

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