Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck is on Hulu. Check it out.

Howard the Duck

Update: Robot Holocaust is also on Hulu. Somewhere I’m not surprised that Howard the Duck made it on, which I actually really like. I watched it on VHS last night, and if I had of known it was on Hulu then, I would have watched it there. Robot Holocaust, however, is horrific, which means that if one were to factor the movie into those same pedestrian standards of poor which frequently rank Howard the Duck as atrocious, it could cause one’s head to explode or at least bring about the Robot Holocaust. It does have a nice title though and I like to pretend it was filmed at Sandy Hook even though it was filmed elsewhere.

Robot Holocaust

5 thoughts on “Howard the Duck

  1. I like that Howard was a real thing in the movie. If this was made today, he would have been CG, and that would have made a silly movie just trash.

  2. Howard the Duck – Trapped in a World He Never Made!

    Proof that not everything George Lucas touched was gold. Man, Lea Thompson was HOT in the 80’s!

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