Jazz DV151

I bought the Jazz DV151 camera from Walmart for $20.00 yesterday. The camera has a flip out viewscreen and records AVI files onto SD cards (it can handle up to 2GB cards) at a 320 x 240 resolution. The image is pretty much what you would expect from a $20.00 camera, but I haven’t been able to stop playing with it. Check out the short movie below to see and hear the quality of the recording. I’m still trying to figure out if I can hook the camera up to my computer so I can double it as a web cam (when you connect the camera to a computer with the USB, it switches automatically to download mode). I posted a picture of the camera at the bottom of this post so interested parties can see what it looks like.

Jazz DV151

Jazz DV151 camera.
Photo courtesy of Megan.

9 thoughts on “Jazz DV151

    1. Though I generally boycott Walmart, I have to say that is a great little gadget for the price.
    2. Yes…poor Megan.
    3. The NPR station is either 89.5 or 91.3, I think. My car radio is set to those two Eastern Shore NPR university-run stations, and I was happily surprised when I inadvertently picked up the Athens station in Ohio.
  1. Poor me, indeed. I sounded like I belonged on the short bus…

    I am impressed with the little gadget, though. For $20, it is pretty remarkable, especially the sound. It will probably crap out in a week, but it will be one fantastic week.

  2. Graru,

    why do you boycott wal-mart?

    This gadget looks like it could be a demon in the wrong hands. A proverbial “cosmic cue-ball” if it were in the clutches of the forces of EEEE-VIL.

    Somehow, I think it is in the wrong hands.

  3. I got one of these at a store I work at (not wallyworld) and it doesn’t work at all, I put in the sd card and it reads it as 1 gig, not 2, and when I record to it, I can’t get the file to play back at all, or it’s a bunch of colored lines and blurs. I think to myself, ‘What a piece of s….t’ Maybe it’s not working, someone might have dropped it or something before I got it. At any rate, it doesn’t do what ya’ll say it does. Very disappointed

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